Integral activity analysis

Comprehensive Review of Company’s Business Operations

Is your business not doing well? Our experts will help you  reveal a weak point in your business. provide you with  the relevant recommendations, and develop a plan for the company’s further development.
If the financial standing of your company is far from perfect, you should start with commissioning an audit of your company in Lviv. Our team of professional lawyers, accountants, and auditors will be instrumental in diagnosing and correcting possible mistakes:
  • in the company’s management system;
  • in the marketing policy ( pricing, sales volume, competitive capacity);
  • in the organisation of business processes;
  • in using current and capital assets, and in investment activities.
Adequate comprehensive evaluation of  the company’s  financial standing will allow you to assess the existing risks and hidden potentials within the company  to enhance its operation.
Based on the review outcomes, our experts will develop a package of measures to be taken to improve the financial standing. Generally, aggressive and conservative policy is preferable in  managing current assets.

Am aggressive policy implies:
  • Increasing current assets without any limitations;
  • Availability of   considerable cash amounts:
  • Large stocks of materials/ready products;
  • Consumer promotion, increasing  the accounts receivable.
A conservative policy means restricting the growth and minimising the working assets.
Thus, a specific control tool will be recommended, depending on the company’s actual  state.

Working together with the Business Partners Audit Firm, you may put your worries to rest and be no more preoccupied with the problem of how to perform an analysis of your operations, since  a financial squeeze of your company will become a thing of the past.
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