Audit services

Statutory Audit

  • Verification  of annual financial reports by business entities (joint-stock companies, businesses, securities issuers) whose statements are officially published (except for banks) according to  IFRS   or Ukrainian Accounting Standards (UAS).
  • Audit of financial reports prepared according to IFRS requirements;
  • Confirming the financial status of the founders of companies with foreign investment, joint-stock-companies, financial companies, and other businesses;
  • Audit of companies against which bankruptcy proceedings have been imitated or which has gone insolvent;
  • Confirming liquidation/demerger balance sheet of a company under liquidation/reorganisation.
An official Auditor’s Report is issued following a statutory audit, as required by the regulatory authorities.

Voluntary Audit

  • Verifying reliability of financial statements and information provided to owners (including Management Reports);
  • Verifying the correct  amount of taxes payable and  discharge of taxes, together with maintenance of tax records;
  • Book-keeping status;
  • Particular  business operations, accounts or statement items (e.g. cash-flow discipline or accounts receivable).
Following  an audit, the customer receives an Auditor’s Report and   a confidential report detailing all audited issues together with recommendations  for correcting mistakes and remedying inadequacies.

Performing the Agreed Procedures

I. Preparing financial information:
  • Transforming financial reports drafted to meet the  national accounting standards into financial reports complying with IFRS standards;
  • Consolidating financial reports by corporations and other company groups/pools in line with the  National/International financial report standards  (IAS/IFRS);
  • Verifying financing costs;
  • Verifying  grant-related costs;
  • Inquires  to confirm settlements with counterparties (accounts payable and accounts receivable);
  • Analysing the financial status;
  • Assessing  the compliance of management accounting;
  • Adjusting, comparing or otherwise  verifying  records for correctness, including those related to assets inventory;
  • Assessing  the book-keeping and tax accounting  practices prior to a tax inspection.
Upon the performance of procedures/tasks agreed, the Customer receives an Auditor’s Report with a detailed description of all matters that were the subject of the Contract.
II.  Consultancy on Taxation Issues including:
  • Consultancy on comprehensive tax planning and tax risk optimization;
  • Consultancy on using  tax legislation, together with the organisation of tax accounting and  preparation of tax returns.
Call  to our office to  receive a detailed consultation on any matters related to audit.
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