Statutory Audit

Statutory Audit for the National Securities and Stock Market Commission

Turning to  our  statutory audit services, you can  be sure that our Business Partners Audit Firm will meet all the requirements set by the National Securities and Stock Market Commission.
We conduct audit of professional  issuers and market professionals, i.e.:
  • Asset management companies;
  • Joint investment institutions (JII, CIF);
  • Traders in securities;
  • Depositary establishments and holders;
  • Issuers of securities.
According to law, or to be more precise to Article 8 of the Law of Ukraine ‘Re Audit Activities, subject to audit are certain Ukrainian enterprises in certain events. Statutory audit of business and financial activities, for instance, is  aimed at
confirming the accuracy and completeness of  annual/quarterly reports submitted by:
  • business entities under liquidation ( where their annual  turnover exceeds   the minimum tax-free income by at least 250 times)
  • confirming the ability to make contributions to the  statutory fund.
Our team will conduct a statutory audit for a Meeting of Shareholders within the agreed time frame, guided by competence and transparency principles.
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